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Evers, David. “Amazon Jungle from Above.” Flickr, Yahoo!, 17 Dec. 2009, www.flickr.com/photos/31216636@N00/4192523678.


Mother Jungle has been around nature since an early age, our roots and culture has been our motivation. Mother Jungle has been supplying superfoods and botanical extracts from South America and other parts of the world since 2000. South America has plenty of natural and pure resources. With our partnership throughout the years with the communities and farms, the social impact for the families have been beneficial for a better living.


Mother Jungle's mission is to offer the best quality product from international farms. The majority of our products are hand selected from South American farms to ensure that the consumers are receiving nothing but the best.  Our quality assurance team audits all manufacture facilities through rigorous specifications of the FDA. All processing facilities that our superfoods and extracts come from are trained in proper GMPs and SOPs to maintain the highest standards. We go the extra mile so you do not have to. 


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
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25831 Jefferson Ave Ste 3D, Murrieta CA 92562

Phone: (951) - 461 - 4401